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Olivia Rose' Memorial Page
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Olivia is a little rescue dog from Puerto Rico. She and her brother were turned in to rescue on Thanksgiving 2004. Her brother was very ill and had to be euthanized, but Livi was a fighter and pulled through. She came to live with me on January 22, 2005. Nine short months later, on October 27, 2005, her life ended when she started having neurological signs that seemed to be linked to a brain tumor. She was only 14 months old at the time of her death. Livia was the sweetest, craziest, most fun-loving dog. She loved unconditionally, and lived life with wild abandon. She was a special little dog that touched many lives in her short time on this earth, and I miss her more than words can say.

The picture that made me fall in love with her.


Recovering from her spay surgery in March 2005.


Livi and I. She just loved to climb up in my lap. What a sweetheart.